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AMBIENTE Living Dubai is a woman-owned lifestyle brand that began as a passion project from Paola Laviola, Italian expat lived for years in Asia and Australia and then settled in Dubai.


​Inspired by travel, stories and multiculturalism, fusing elegance and simplicity, contemporaneity and the past, the occident and the orient, the aim was to inspire an ethical and sustainable lifestyle with a brand that puts people and our planet first.


Get to Know Us

Intrigued by the minimalist interior aesthetic and lampshade shapes, the beginnings of an exciting new brand were formed.

We wanted to share our passion for a sustainable and minimalist home, where mood lighting is not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally responsible.

We give life to original and quality handcrafted lamps.

We give life to new designs creating synergies with nature.
The best source of inspiration is the privileged setting of our environment. In our exclusive pieces art, imagination and careful teamwork are mixed.

Our style

Natural shapes and materials for a slow living home 

Every AMBIENTE Living Dubai item appears organic in its shape or texture and that's because deliberately inspired by the nature. 


Every AMBIENTE Living Dubai item is handmade using natural materials or recycled waste materials by talented craftsmen in our Sharjah factory or in villages overseas, where we establish ethical relationships with small-scale master artisans.

IMG_8962_jpg 2.JPG


A collection of sustainable table lamps characterized by a minimalist, delicate and simple aesthetic

IMG_8961_jpg 3.JPG


Our brand is a collaborative process that involves many hands and we have a great responsibility when it comes to the people who we work with, from our wonderful manufacturers to our sales. We ensure them fair working hours and wages and we honour their work, truly committed to contribute to their wellbeing.


Our production is sustainable: it is handcrafted and isn’t relying on machines which use energy and produce emissions. Each piece is beautifully unique, created to last, both in terms of function and aesthetics. Buy less, buy better and keep things in use for longer!


AMBIENTE Living Dubai is first of all union of cultures and heritages and we aim to celebrate cultural exchange.

Country by Country we invest in long-term relationships based on mutual respect and authentic interaction, in a blend of eastern and western sensibilities.


Against mass-production and automation we want to share and celebrate traditional craftsmanship, in the respect toward the present and preservation of the past. All our products are made slowly, by hands, using east and west centuries-old artisanal techniques. Our paper mache is inspired by the XVI century Italian Puglia region craft called "cartapesta" (/karta’pesta/) and our rattan is a time-tested ancient tradition passed down through generations.


It is important to us to be transparent with our production. This is why we share stories from behind-the-scenes images of production. We see this as a way of inviting our customers into the journey that each AMBIENTE Living Dubai piece makes.

We are inspired by travels and stories and AMBIENTE Living Dubai is our way of sharing these stories with you.

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